Drug rehab clinic for Fleurieu announced in budget

21 Jul 2020

Posted May 08, 2018

The Fleurieu is set to receive one of four drug rehabilitation clinics under a package negotiated by Centre Alliance and announced in the Federal Budget tonight.

“The clinics are part of a three-year, $40 million package secured by our team as part of the Government’s welfare reforms,” Rebekha said.

“This includes $20 million for specialist methamphetamine rehabilitation places in South Australia and $20 million to support GPs and other allied health professionals in regional and remote Australia to access professional development and specialist skills in addiction medicine.

“These services are so important in our community to help combat the ongoing ice epidemic.

“GPs or nurse practitioners are often the first and only health professional a person with an addiction will talk to about their problem. They are often the most accessible in regional areas so Centre Alliance believes helping this frontline health service is incredibly important.”

The Government’s budget measures for health, particularly mental health, have been welcomed by Rebekha.

The Government has pledged $37.6 million over four years to provide aftercare for people discharged from hospital following a suicide attempt, as well as $33.8 million for Lifeline Australia for its telephone crisis services.

“This is a really important measure. We should never be in a position where someone calls lifeline and get a busy tone,” Rebekha said.

Rebekha also supported the Government’s announcement of an addition $769 million to support PBS listings for a range of medications, particularly the announced medications for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Breast Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis.

“I have asked several questions of the Government about these medical conditions, particularly Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and it is encouraging to see that they have taken action to address the needs of families across Australia,” she said.

Similarly, Rebekha welcomed a $20.9 million commitment to maternal and child health, including new tests for health conditions for infants

The new rural and regional workforce incentive programs for nurses, allied health practitioners and Australian-trained doctors have been cautiously welcomed.

“I am a strong advocate for a better distribution of the health workforce, and many towns in my electorate are crying out for more doctors, but we have seen programs announced in the past be ineffective in dealing with the issue of attracting GPs to the regions,” Rebekha said

“I look forward to seeing more information about how these programs will operate in practice so that our community can have access to the health services they deserve.”

In line with keeping active, the Government’s $11.8 million pledge to expand the Local Sporting Champions program was also welcomed.

“It is one of my great pleasures to award 50 grants per year to young athletes in the community so they can attend State, National or International sporting championships. Sport is an intrinsic part of the community and an important part of a child’s development and I look forward to this program continuing.”

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