Statement regarding resignation

21 Jul 2020

Posted May 09, 2018

I was disappointed to learn of the High Court decision regarding former Senator Katy Gallagher but obviously respect the decision of the Court and understand the implications for me.

No matter that I put my application in before the election was even called, no matter that my documents came back before the election was held, the High Court ruling for Gallagher is quite clear.

Consequently, I will resign from the Australian Parliament today and seek re-election at the forthcoming by-election.

I apologise to the people of Mayo for this turn of events and for the inconvenience a by-election will cause them.

I am proud of my achievements to date and am confident that Mayo is better for my representation. I have helped build the community and improved policy outcomes in Canberra. Millions of dollars of much needed additional Federal funding has been attracted to Mayo and indeed South Australia.

In 2016 my campaign was 'Make Mayo Matter'. Mayo now matters.

However, my job is not finished and I remain fiercely committed to continuing to represent Mayo in the future and to fight for us in this place.

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