Slow-roasted Spicy Brisket -- Triple B Biodynamic Beef

Slow-roasted Spicy Brisket -- Triple B Biodynamic Beef



1kg slab of Triple B Biodynamic Beef brisket

2 tbsp duck fat, ghee, olive oil or dripping from previous roasting

4 shallots, halved

1 head of garlic, skin on, sliced laterally

10 sprigs of thyme

Sprice rub:

1 tbs smoked paprika

1 tbs sweet paprika

1 tbs ground sumac

1 tsp crushed black pepper

½ tsp cayenne pepper

½ tsp turmeric

1 tsp sea salt


Preheat oven to 180°C, heat flameproof pan big enough to hold brisket on high heat.  Rub fat over brisket and season to taste, then brown on stove top for about 3mins each side. Remove from heat and when cool enough to handle cover the top of the brisket (fatty side) with the spice rub and spread evenly.

Put shallots, garlic and thyme into the roasting pan and place brisket on top adding about 200ml of water, roast for about 20mins until the shallots are golden.

Reduce heat to 150°C, cover with a dampened piece of baking/greaseproof paper and then wrap tightly with double layer of foil.  Roast brisket for approximately 3 to 4 hours, topping up water if necessary.  Remove foil and increase heat to 180°C, cook for a further 20 to 30 minutes, spooning juices over the brisket.

Rest covered for 15mins then serve sliced thickly or shred as Pulled Beef.


Check out Triple B Biodynamic Beef at their website or Facebook page to find out more about how you can order (and get FREE delivery) or when to find them at the Victor Harbor Farmers Market and Goolwa Cittaslow Farmers Market.