Medevac repeal is heartless and dangerous

23 Jul 2020

Posted December 04, 2019

Centre Alliance is appalled at Senator Lambie's deal with the Government to repeal the Medevac laws.

Senator Lambie said her decision had been a difficult one, but it should not have been. She should have stood up for the hundreds of men and women in offshore detention and protected their right to timely medical treatment.

Senator Stirling Griff said the repeal would mean that Australia will now return to the slow pre-existing process where requests for medical transfers were too often stalled by legal challenges brought by this heartless government.

"These are life-saving laws and no deal can justify over-turning them," Senator Griff says.

"Prior to Medevac there were 12 deaths in detention. There have been none since Medevac came into force."

"Because of this Government, Australia is slowly losing its heart."

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