Tax relief for KI residents

Kangaroo Island is one of the most beautiful places to live, but it comes with its challenges. Not only does it cost a fortune just to travel to the mainland, the water gap puts a premium on everything you buy.

Communities all across Australia have access to a direct tax offset to address the cost of living in a remote area. But so far Kangaroo Island has missed out.

If the Federal Government would give KI families the same concessions it gives to residents in Cairns, these measures could put much as $1600 back in the pockets of Kangaroo Island families.

Right now, because there is an election on, the Federal Government is paying more attention to our region. It’s the perfect time to make our voices heard.

Please join me in calling on the Prime Minister to approve the Kangaroo Island tax offset this election.

360 signatures

Will you sign?