Don't believe the Liberal lies on my voting record

The lie: I voted against small business tax cuts.

The truth:  I voted in favour of tax relief for small businesses. I opposed tax cuts for the big banks and large multinational companies and voted against the total package when the Government tried to hold small business tax cuts hostage unless tax cuts for big businesses were included.


The lie: I opposed stronger citizenship requirements.

The truth: I voted against raising English language requirements to standards that even many native-born Australians would struggle to meet.


The lie: I oppose stronger border protection.

The truth: This is just a nonsensical scare tactic. Who would seriously be in favour of weaker border protection for Australia? 

The Bill that the Liberals refer to (the Migration Legislation Amendment (Regional Processing Cohort) Bill 2016) is actually about a lifetime ban on refugees who become citizens in other countries like the United States from ever applying for a tourist visa to Australia.


The lie: I don’t want more accountable unions.

The truth: I am an independent voice in Parliament who doesn’t stand for big unions any more than I stand for big business. I refuse to accept donations from either the unions or from big business. 

I have supported Government legislation that provides more accountable regulation of unions, including the reinstatement of the construction industry watchdog, the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) that seeks to put a stop to thuggery and intimidation on construction sites.


The lie: I opposed tougher penalties for firearm trafficking.

The truth: I support tougher penalties for firearm trafficking.

However, I oppose mandatory minimum sentences which would take the power out of the hands of judges and put it into the hands of politicians. We need to protect Australia’s independent judiciary and the separation of powers. As soon as the Government removes ‘mandatory minimums’ from the legislation, they will have my support.


The allegation: I opposed a drug-testing trial for welfare recipients

The truth: This is actually true. Centrelink already knows who the addicts are, so why would we waste our time and taxpayer money drug-testing them?

Drug-testing is prohibitively expensive, so expensive in fact, that the Government refused to tell anyone how much it would cost, despite my repeated requests. I take my duty to help spend taxpayer money seriously, and I will not vote in favour of uncosted proposals.

Drug-testing does not by itself help addicts reform and rehabilitate. Drug addiction is ultimately a public health issue, which is why I fought for additional funding to help combat drug addiction in South Australia. Both Labor and Liberal Governments have under-funded drug rehabilitation services for decades.  I voted in favour of an amended Social Services Legislation Amendment (Welfare Reform) Bill 2017 on the condition of additional funding for specialist methamphetamine rehabilitation facilities in SA, including a facility on the Fleurieu Peninsula, and for support to GPs and other allied health professionals in regional and remote Australia to access professional development and specialist skills in addiction medicine.


As an independent member of a minor party, I have the freedom to make up my mind on each piece of legislation - not just toe the party line.
That means I can vote for what is truly in the best interests of our region. I consult widely on each piece of legislation and take into account the feedback from the community.
Any more questions on my voting record? Here's more information. Even more importantly, check out all that I have achieved for our region here. The results of an independent member of Parliament speak for themselves!