Break the NZ impasse on asylum seekers

22 Jul 2020

October 23, 2018

Centre Alliance cautiously welcomes Labor’s move towards finding a solution for families on Nauru.

As a party, we will thoughtfully examine Labor’s amendments to the Government’s “lifetime travel ban” legislation for refugees resettled in New Zealand, in order to break the deadlock and relieve the suffering of families in Nauru.

Centre Alliance agrees the children and their families on Nauru must take priority. We recognise this is a compromise position, however, we need to ensure that the bill doesn’t inadvertently prevent family members that have been separated (due to medical transfers or other reasons) from permanently reuniting.

We need all hands across the Parliament to join together to get the kids off Nauru.

Centre Alliance, therefore, urges the Government to take immediate action with respect to a possible resettlement in New Zealand and in the meantime immediately relocate children needing urgent medical assistance to Australia.

Australians want the Parliament to find a solution to the legacy issue of offshore detention.

We also need to remember that others on Manus and Nauru remain in a desperate situation. We, therefore, urge the Government to expedite the resettlement of all refugees in offshore detention.

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