NBN to investigate new tower site for Mylor

23 Jul 2020

Posted March 25, 2020

An NBN Co decision to conduct a detailed investigation into a possible new site for a wireless tower in the Mylor region is positive news for the 495 affected premises on the outskirts of the town, Federal Member for Mayo Rebekha Sharkie said today.

"I am pleased that NBN Co was prepared to listen to the concerns of the community who were promised wireless NBN, only to then be told they could only get satellite when negotiations over the original tower site fell through," Rebekha said.

"I am also pleased that NBN Co was prepared to consider the alternative tower site when a local constituent approached my office and offered his property as a potential site.

"I am advised that recent advancements in antenna technology might make this site suitable if it can meet further engineering requirements.

"However, I am concerned that wireless towers take time to plan, design and get approved and the current COVID-19 crisis isn’t going to assist any efforts to fast track this project.

“In light of that, and in light of the fact there is enormous pressure now for people to work from home during the pandemic, I have contacted NBN Co to ask what can be done in the interim for people in the Mylor outskirts footprint who cannot get ADSL or reception for mobile data.

“Twelve to 18 months is too long to wait for adequate broadband.

"If the situation is urgent, NBN Co should work with individual premises and allow them to have satellite immediately, even if there is an understanding that if they want to switch to wireless later they might have to contribute to the cost of installation.”

The township of Mylor has fixed-line fibre to the node NBN. Premises on the outskirts of Mylor have been waiting for wireless NBN for two years.

Head of NBN Co Local SA and NT, Mr Tim Saul, said NBN was unable to provide a timeframe for the site investigation at present due to the evolving situation in relation to COVID-19.

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