Nominate your mobile phone black spot before October 5

The Federal Government has announced Round 4 of the Mobile Black Spot Program, making $25 million available to telecommunications carriers to target regional and remote locations.

At this stage, the Government is not seeking direct nominations from the public. However, Federal MPs have been invited to recommend locations for consideration before mobile network operators take part in a competitive assessment process later in the year.

To date more than 600 of 857 base stations have been funded under the Mobile Black Spot Program.

Under previous rounds, Mayo secured funding for sites at Montacute, Stokes Bay, Parawa, Gosse and Ashbourne but 44 priority sites identified by the community still need coverage.

The list of mobile phone black spots locations reported by the community prior to 2016 and Round 1 can be accessed here

If you would like to renominate an existing site or submit a new site, please do so in the feedback box below before October 5.

Nominate your mobile blackspot now!