PaTH is a flexible program designed to prepare young, unemployed people for work. The program, operating in three stages – Prepare, Trial, Hire – provides employers with financial incentives to trial, and potentially hire, interns. The program also offers remuneration for interns. It has the end goal of upskilling young people and providing them with employment opportunities.

Rebekha has been a strong supporter of this program, stating in Parliament, “There is an urgent and compelling need for a youth activation and transition service for disengaged young people to ensure that they successfully transition into stable employment or further training.” Rebekha has pushed for protection for workers, and review of the program to ensure it is achieving its aims. The program offers both opportunities for young people and benefits to businesses in the form of remuneration, reducing the cost of hiring and training new employees.

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Seasonal Workers Program

The Seasonal Workers Incentive Trial was a proposal by NXT that came into action in 2017. The program allows for individuals to undertake seasonal work, earning up to $5000 without it affecting their income support payments. This program removes disincentives for unemployed people to seek work where there are genuine labour shortages. In doing so, it provides upskilling opportunities for unemployed people and widens and deepens the pool from which farmers can draw labour. Federal MP for Mayo Rebekha Sharkie stated: “This is about that bridge into agricultural work and an opportunity for many to try a new style of employment and hopefully stay on the farm.” The program also offers a living away from home allowance of $300 if the seasonal work is more than 120 km away from the job seeker’s home, and exempts individuals from job seeking requirements whilst undertaking seasonal work.

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